Updated Mac Logging to SOTA Database Apps

I have new versions of my ADIF file conversion apps for the major Mac logging applications now available. These make converting an ADIF exported from your favorite logging program to the SOTA CSV format as easy as dragging and dropping a file onto the app’s icon. There are versions available for MacLoggerDX (both current and older versions), RumLog and Aether. There are also updated sample php scripts which would be a good starting point for rolling your own solution.

Changes in this version include:

  • Rewriting the band output section to align with the SOTA database band options (Thanks Andy!)
  • Forcing uppercase output of callsigns, modes and summit references regardless of how they were entered

Minor updates I will admit but just doing a bit of housecleaning and making things more tidy.

Downloads and more information can be found at:


Pat, make sure you let Christope ON6ZQ know about your apps/tools. Christophe maintains a listing of all the SOTA software and web resources to save people having to hunt about.


Yep. I am listed on Christophe’s excellent website and I have just verified that no hyperlinks have been harmed in my recent updates! :wink:

73, pat - KI4SVM