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Update CT9/M1NNN/p

John is in the hotel on Madeira Island looking gloomily out of the window at a tropical rainstorm .Forecast says this will continue through today (Tuesday 7th April), with added chance of thunder and lightning. No chance of any SOTA.

Forecast for Wednesday is strong winds, so it looks as if Thursday might be the next possible activation.

John is there until next Sunday 12th


Later 2250z 7th April
John just advised that forecast for tomorrow Wed 8th is now showers and windy.
He will attempt CT3/mi-002 ETA 1200z. See alerts for further info.

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Oh heck. Bad luck!

Hope it improves soon. Nothing more frustrating that staring at bad weather.

Oh dear Roy, sorry to hear about this but it is still a holiday for John . Thanks very much for the update.

Good luck with the weather. Hope it improves. Had some serious thunderstorms here the last few nights, but at least they’ve mostly had the decency to hold off til it got dark. The one overhead a couple of nights back sent the little dogs hiding in the darkest corners, and the associated downpour completely overwhelmed the gutters. Messing about with towels and such trying to keep the place dry at midnight isn’t my idea of a holiday, but there you go. Played havoc with any chasing plans, too…

73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP