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Up prior to crack of dawn

Morning all

managed to be up for 6am z

Conditions not kind at all
Chasing the VK and the DL round 20m this morning giving good number of calls with no joy.

Did hear a 4X station chatting to Ed 06:52z barely hear ED yet the 4X was fairly strong
The VK sota may have heard towards end little unsure v weak signal.

I feel not waste of time but worth giving it a try, did catch Ed on 40m with lot of hard work big qrm.

But have noted lost the 1K KM distances since saturday as couple more Sota,s came up from DM and OE on 20m no joy hearing them.

But what tickled me this morning was trying for the SP sota at 2k KM and heard a S2S pop up from 9A. The SP had to close down at that point for a heavy spell of rain and of course the 9A failed to get through 5 minutes laters the SP back and worked.

Now hearing a DL/HB station operating on 14350 coming in nicely tried telling him to close to border on outer edge of our ham band, so can’t count it as contact as me other part of me signal is spilling out of the band by at least 1.5kz.

Been interesting morning so far

Yawn yawn


As far as I know 14.350 is the top edge of 20m for everyone and as you say, running USB there is operating out of band (LSB would work).

73 Ed.

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Things seem to be getting back to normal (whatever that is!) but with severe QSB today. Yesterday was dire!


Yes Certainly was.
Yet managed couple good ones on 40m including the 1560km to OM during our grey line.

Today far far better just done me 5th sota today and the EA6/MA-038 again on 20m
Could not believe I broke through that massive pile to this one on 40m
Hats off to the operator on this one and yet to the other chasers when contact was made, the freq went quiet.

Love it