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Uniques Trophy

Having recently achieved 1000 Unique Summits chased, I claimed the Award Certificate from Barry GM4TOE and also asked if I could claim a Trophy for the 1000 Uniques to go with my Shack-Sloth Trophy.
Unfortunately, however, Barry said that there was not a Trophy for the Uniques, Chased or Activated and that although it had been discussed in the past no decision had been made whether or not to make such a Trophy available.
I wondered therefore, if enough interest would be shown by other Activators and Chasers other than me,that could persuade the MT to consider providing such an additional Trophy ?
I believe the Mountain Goat and the Shack-Sloth Trophies are both worthwhile examples of SOTA achievements and the addition of a Uniques Trophy would make up a trio of such awards to have in the shack.

I would like to propose, therefore, that the MT consider again the idea of a Uniques Trophy together with any other new awards that are being discussed.

73 Graham G3OHC

In reply to G3OHC:
Well done on the 1000 Graham.
I’ve quite a way to go yet :frowning: but I support your request for trophies,both for chasing or activating 1000 uniques. After all certificates are already available for uniques.

Roger G4OWG