Unexpected visit

When activating summits - you may possibly get an unexpected visit …
Usually there are dogs, cows, sheep, birds, lots of insects,… (of course tons of flies),
Today I was visited by a young forest lizard. (Zootoca vivipara)

73 Armin

btw: 2m condx were good today… odx was G8BCG JO70RK (about 870 km) …with 8 watts


The jungle drums are working overtiime Armin suggesting some big tropo openings are expected over the next few days.

Hi Armin,
Thanks for S2S today on 30m!
I had an unexpected visitor as well and it wasn’t as nice as yours. It was a tick :scream:
It was looking for some exposed piece of skin to hook itself but I found it and got rid of it before it found any suitable place to hook to.


Hey Guru - good that you noticed it. It s a kind of horror. I got a tick vaccination, but it s not against borelliosis.
A good friend of mine got borelliosis - he is only a shadow of what he was used to be.

73 Armin

I hope he brought his own portable rig!!!

Curious moments!

This bee is determined to help me in the log.

He wants to take my pencil …

EA5FV/P activating EA5/MU-001 September 9, 2019


And dual antenna!
Hope he buzzes in morse code!

It’s more of a…drone

I’ll get me coat

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…that reminds me of a course in my education. The teacher asked who wants to have honey. He could sell it cheaply… and took the orders.
Then he said: it would take a while. He only has one bee.

73 Armin