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Unexpected rest from SOTA

My dear SOTA-friends and Chasers. Out of the blue I catched a Pneumonia and was in hospital for a week. Fortunatly I am up again. SOTA - Activation however is no theme for the rest of the year, I will be back as soon as possible.

Till then best regards and vy 73 de Edwin hb9zap

In reply to HB9ZAP:
Hello Edwin,
Sorry to hear about Your illness,and, glad to see Your on the mend,You have been missed by all regular chasers.

In reply to HB9ZAP:

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Edwin. I hope you are feeling better soon and are able to get out onto the hills.

Take it easy and I look forward to having an S2S contact with you in 2012.


In reply to HB9ZAP:
Hi Edwin,
sorry to hear about your illness. Sure hope that You will be back to a 100 percent soon again…

73 cu
kurt HB9AFI

Hi Edwin,
Very sorry to hear about your illness and I wish you a speedy recovery, but do not come back too soon.

73 Graham G4JZF

In reply to HB9ZAP:

Gute Besserung
vy 73 de Franz ON9CBQ

Hi Edwin,

Sorry to hear about your illness, get well soon.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to HB9ZAP:
Take care and have healthy and happy winter :sunglasses:

Hello Edwin,so sorry to hear of you recent set back,take care of yourself and we look forward to hearing you again on 20mtrs. Regards. Don G0RQL.

In reply to G0RQL:
and all the other OM’s, I am deeply moved by all the good wishes regarding my health. I am improving but I experience quit a set-back, five more days of antibiotica treatment and everything should be back to normal again.

I don’t know Ihow I catches this bug, but I was told, suchn infections just happen. Luckily we have very efficient medication today.

Regards an thanks to all of you

Edwin hb9zap

In reply to HB9ZAP:

Lieber Edwin

Ich wünsche dir eine gute Besserung, um deine Lungenentzündung gut heilen zu können. Ferner gratuliere ich dir herzlich zu über 1’000 Punkten!

tnx es 73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

In reply to HB9ZAP:
Hallo Edwin,

Auch ich wünsche Dir eine gute und rasche Besserung. Ich hoffe dass wir uns bald wieder hören ooder auch treffen können.

Grüsse aus dem Engadin von HB9TNF Guido.

Ciao Edwin,

Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute, dass Du bald wieder von den Bergen aus QRV bist.

Herzliche Grüsse von Mario HB9HAT

In reply to HB9BIN_3:

Lieber Edwin,

auch von meiner Seite die besten Wünsche und gute Besserung.
Mach langsam und heb Dir sorg!
Bei mir ist auch SOTA-QRX, ich muss im Januar zur Meniskus-Op.

Vy73 und AWDH de Fritz HB9CSA

In reply to HB9ZAP:
Hallo Edwin
Auch von meiner Seite die besten Wünsche für eine baldige Genesung. Ich freuen mich auf jeden fall Dich bald wieder von den Gipfeln zu hören. Machs guät.
Vy 73’s HAnsruedi, HB9BHW

In reply to HB9BHW:
and all the other well-wishers and friends,

Your support has resulted in a rapid recovery, I am back home again, though a little weak on my legs. I hope to get out again, the bonus-season is beginning, with no snow at all. Next week we should get some, that’s what the weather forecast annonced.

Again, many , many thanks to all of you for your great and spontaneous reaction and support

Edwin hb9zap, soon qrv again

In reply to HB9ZAP:

Great news!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to HB9ZAP:
Es freut mich zu hören, dass es aufwärts geht (in allen Bereichen)!
Lueg dr guet, wird und bliib xund!
awdh de HB9BAB / Jürg