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Unexpected qrt from DL/AL-055

Hi everybody,

apologies to anyone who missed me from the Hoefats-Summit today. After 1h I QSYed to 20m but to my surprise the TX wouldn’t make any output. Same on 17m. I noticed that the housing had become hotter than ever, so I suspected a serious fault and switched off. To my amazement I couldn’t reproduce the fault here at home, all seems to be well. I’ll have to do some further checks…

I had a very pleasant day with a nice but technically demanding climb onto one of the most beautiful (green) summits in DL/AL, Edelweiss included.

73 Bernhard DL4CW

In reply to DL4CW:
Dear Bernnhard!

I hope that you would leave Mr. Murphy at home next time! ;-))) (Luckily your RIG did not damage!) Sorry that I was QRL so could not meet you and other activator friends yesterday. Maybe, next time!
Have a nice week-end!

73: Joska, HA5CW

In reply to DL4CW:
Hello Bernhardt!

It was nice to hear and work you from OE/TI-212 today morning. It’s nice to know that you did not loose your heart for SOTA just because of a temporary problem. Many of us are glad that you collected sufficient mental strength to start a new activation so soon!
Did you find any explanation on loosing power and unexpected warming of your RIG? Probably all of us could profit out of your experiences! (What not to do or what to do as a precautionary measure?)

73: Joska, HA5CW

In reply to HA5CW:

Hi Joska,

the pleasure has been mine, nice to work you again! This time the rig behaved as expected, no excessive warming and no loss of output whatsoever. I changed the coax cable between the BCR and the z-match, just to be sure, although I couldn’t detect any problem with the original one. We’ll see if the fault turns up again, maybe it had been a loose contact…

73 Bernhard DL4CW