An enviable day out - and I enjoyed the music, too!



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Epic man, so cool.

Can you say what mic you’re using for the KX2? Been looking for a mic only without earpiece.

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I keep expecting you to turn a corner and find a huge steel door barring the way through the mountain, unless you have a magic incantation. The summits of Mordor indeed…

What a lucky guy having a walking friend with a great sense of humour.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Brilliant trip & video Chris. I really need to take my KX2 to visit some of my family in Cromwell! Perhaps in a couple of years…
73 Gavin

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Gidday mate, no worries!

I’m using a Baofeng headset that I converted because it’s super light weight. I got the idea from a K6ARK video on YouTube (World's Smallest fully-capable HF Go Kit? - YouTube)

It weighs something like 20g!

Haha yeah honestly I figured I’d find a similar sort of thing!

Mountain lunatics all seem to have a pretty decent sense of humor, particular when the pain sets in! :smiley:


Thank you very much mate!
You absolutely do, we’ll go for a stroll in the hills!

Fine! I watch all your films with great pleasure.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the fun and scenic video coming from a fellow SOTA Youtuber. Great views and humor on the way is much appreciated.
Keep them coming :laughing:

And 2400 m ascent - respect. A worthy first activation.

73 Joe

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Hi Chris,
Just watched. Wonderful. I don’t think anyone can say you didn’t earn the points. Definitely undrivable.


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Beautiful scenery as usual for the South Island…cheers

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