Ukraine summer 2022.

2022-06-13 UT/CA-088 Range Yavornik

Leo UX5NQ ex UB5NQ autograph on the stone early 1960s.

2022-06-19 UT/CA-044 Кострича

2022-06-25 UT/CA-174 Poletskaya

|2022-07-17 UT/CA-060 Kukul

The tranches of the WW1

2022-07-25 UT/CA-031 Сыняк Synyak

2022-08-05 UT/CA-101 Сынечка

2022-08-06 UT/CA-259 Brostursky Bukovets

2022-08-19 UT/CA-090 Kobyla

2022-08-19 UT/CA-109 Kityluvka

2022-08-21 UT/CA-158 Pisany Kamen

2022-08-27 UT/CA-221 Bukovets Rechka


Thanks Andy @UW8SM for the S2S to UT/CA-221; my first ever with a UT station. Thanks also for the pictures, it looks very scenic!

Best 73, Simon.

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Very nice pictures of an impressive landscape!

I hear your loud chaser signals from Ukraine almost every activation. On Aug 19 we had an S2S, you on UT/CA-109 and I on DM/NS-122. Big fun!

I also remember very well that you called me on March 22, 2021 at 2:15 p.m. on 80m in CW. At first I couldn’t believe that my 10W on a 20m long EFHW tuned by the KX2 reached as far as the Ukraine and didn’t want to believe my inexperienced CW ears decoding the prefix UW.
Thanks to your great patience we did the qso. I was really proud of that.

73 Chris


Thanks Andy, great photos

Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Andy

Do you know anything about the lettering on that stone?
I’ve sometimes see them here. They are normally boundary markets of region or parishes.

HI David!
Leonid UX5NQ ex UB5NQ left his autograph on the stone in the 1960s
Another lettering on the stone is on UT/CA-158:


Thanks for that information Andy. Not quite what I expected.!!


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David i have seen many different inscriptions on stones in the Carpathian.
Marking of the old border,military markings, various fortification of the times of the WW1. There are also sign of the burials of dead German and Austrian soldiers and there is not a single marker of burial russians.


AWESOME pictures!! Thank you for posting!

Kent K9EZ

The 1882 inscription is a lasting testimony of the hardness of the rock.
Thank you for sharing!
Greg, W7GA

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