UK-Trip by G/HB9BIN/p

Dear Sota-Chasers
From the 5.4.-9.4. 2013 I try to activate SOTA’s in the aera G/SC and G/DC.
I will work 10watt or 100watt Buddipole fullzise (no traps) or Alex-Loop on 30 es 20M.
My wife is with me. Therefore I will not stay too long on a summit.
First Summit will be tmw G/SC-010 with G4WSB and his sun!
tnx es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

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Hi Juerg

In order to be correct with your callsign under CEPT rules, you should use the prefix M - so M/HB9BIN/P please.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the UK, and I hope the weather will be less cold than it is right now!

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Where do you get there… By Calais ???
Good luck and best wishes for the weather… Very sunny now…
Please to heard you !

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Hello Juerg, have a good trip.

Reference a post on this thread about prefixes - for your information p.6

Hopefully speak to you soon. Hope the flight was OK.

Bye for now.

Mike G6TUH

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I hope that you have a good trip Juerg, with many QSO’s.

CU on 40m


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Hi Juerg

Hope you enjoy your trip to the UK. I look forward to working you on 40m SSB if you have plans to operate on SSB.

Hope the WX stays kind for you.
73 de Mick M0MDA

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Have a good trip Juerg, at least if you start on G/SC-010 the summits can only get better after that. (G/DC-006 excepted)

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Hi Juerg,

I hope to work you during your trip to G land. I will probably miss out on G/SC-010 due to being at work but hopefully I should catch you over the weekend.

73 Andrew G4AFI

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Viel Spass und vor allem etwas besseres Wetter in England lieber Jürg!

Vy73 de Fritz

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Hello Fritz, I do not think the weather will be better for Juerg. I hope he has packed the right clothes :wink: I am sure he has because he knows. Here in SE - high wind, very light snow, +2C. Brrrr

Mike G6TUH

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First Summit will be tmw G/SC-010 with G4WSB and his sun!


G/SC-010 can only mean one thing. You’re flying into Bristol Airport!

If I’m correct, you’ll find it’s only a 5 minute drive from the airport, and I suggest you park in the village just up from the church. (plenty of space)
If Bill is with you, he’ll no doubt know the way which avoids the rubbish tip which adorns the summit and would give your wife an unfavourable taste of UK activating!

GL, I’ll be listening for you.


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VFB signal on 30m at 0920z today Juerg! Stronger than many of the EUs calling you.

73, Bill

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Hi probably will miss all the activations as I’m away until Monday PM. I can see Brown Willy DC-002 from my cottage so good line of site. Weather was very warm all week until I left yesterday about 12C midday although a cold wind from the east. I’m sure you’ll both love Devon and Cornwall, especilly Bodmin Moor. Just remember there’s a great take off to the west, USA and VE!
Damian M0BKV

Hallo dear SOTA-Chasers
My second day in UK is over!
To Chris F5UBH: Tks of the QSO from G/SC-002. I came by plane and landed in Bristol.
To Bill, W4ZV: Tks of the ufb QSO on 30M from G/SC-010 with 599/579. I worked you with 100 Watt and Buddipole full-size, no traps for 20M and half square for 30M!
To Les, G3VQO: tks for the hint. In the plane I read the CEPT-Rules and also found it out, but agn tks!
To Bill, G4WSB and Stephen, M6WSB: tks for coming with me to G/SC-010 and showing me where G/SC-003 was. Finally i found G/SC-002 myself!
To Mike G6TUH: Tks for your message but I do not have E-mail-access on this trip!
Tks to airport-police for checking me in after long discussion abt my rig and wirers and showing them my ham licence!

Sorry for all the short stops! My wife is lovely but she is not used to this cold and windy UK-WX!

tks es 73 de M/HB9BIN/p, Juerg

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Hallo Juerg…
Soo…Thank you for the first day in the UK and 2news SOTA G/SC 40/30m.
P.S.You are always perfect operator CW.
Best ragards from Robert SP8RHP VY 73.

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Hi Juerg,

“To Mike G6TUH: Tks for your message but I do not have E-mail-access on this trip!”

Glad you got the message by paper. No problem about email :sunglasses: Have a good trip and there should not have been a long discussion by the airport security!!

Best wishes

Mike G6TUH

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Hello Juerg,
Thanks to you for contact… Ok for plane… It’s just if you go there by Dieppe we could see us !!!by yes less longer by plane !!!
Have a good days on UK… Here, no far away, in Normandy, the bad weather is coming back !!! snow at 20 km in land !!! Not the end of the winter !
Bye Juerg

Dear SOTA-Chasers
Tks for all the QSO’s so far! I finished the G/SC-aerea! Tmw I will start with G/DC-001 or G/DC-003 on 10.118+/- and 14-cw!
The WX yesterday and today was vy sunny! I hope the bad forcast is wrong!
I worked some US and VE on 30m, which is difficult to do from my country HB!
Tks to HB9BQU, Hans, and OK1DVM, Miroslav for the S2S-QSO’s!
73 de M/HB9BIN/p, Juerg

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Hej Juerg…
Good luck for the last 3 days in UK and tomorrow from G/DC.
P.S.Good job Juerg!.
Best regards from Robert SP8RHP VY 73.

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Hello Juerg

It has been a pleasure chasing you in G Land.
As usual very gud sigs from your portable station and a very neat operation from a very fine Op. Keep up the good work!
I wish you a pleasant and safe jouney for the DC area. Hope the WX will cooperate.
Best 73…
…de Carlos CT1BQH