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UK Travel for SOTA

Bardon Hill will remain available I expect.

Gerald doesn’t have enough unused callsigns to active from there as he used both of his already on that summit :slight_smile:


Ah, but… my alter-ego CXK is less OCD about his records. You’ll find he’s done some summits more than once. Oh how normal! :grin:


Fed up of Covid? Just a bit, yeah.

Last year I was touring with Joe Longthorne, The Mindbenders, Love Affair’s Steve Ellis and The Platters. Now there aren’t even any pub gigs or wedding gigs. The football club I’ve supported since being a teenager has gone bust and the matches on TV have been destroyed by empty stadiums, fake crowd noise and VAR (video assisted refereeing).

Now, to top it all, I had one last summit to complete activating all of G, GI, GD, GU, GJ and GW, and I was going to do it this Sunday. But I’ve been thwarted by GW FM (Welsh First Minister) who is closing the border 36 hours before my intended activation!

But - all things in perspective. My family are all in good health. I have another career to fall back on. A phoenix club - Macclesfield FC - has been formed, and promises to be lots of fun. I will, at some point, gig again. And as they always say, the hill will still be there tomorrow / next month / next year.


Arghh… now we have Wales in lockdown from Friday 23rd October until Monday 9th November! Then apparently we are likely to have Scotland following the Tier System. I am just hoping that this doesn’t all end up with a complete lockdown like earlier in the year.

Indeed Tom! Good health, a roof over your head, food on the table, a comfortable bed to sleep in, not living in a war zone… all things we need to be extremely grateful for.

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I note that these “lockdown” rules will make life hard for you where there are few summits near. Myself, I’m not meant to travel outside the Lothian Health Board area without good reason . However, I think there are 7 or 8 summits inside the area. The downside is this area includes Edinburgh and its suburbs and as a result many of those will be mad busy. They’re busy enough without restricting the population of one of Scotland’s biggest cities to the area.

It’s a bummer. But there again, so is life and then you die and then your estate will be taxed. Pass the booze!

Only after its been drunk!

The thing that I find most irritating is that them in London demand that they make these sacrifices but won’t guarantee that the sacrifices will work.

There are very few guarantees in life (except perhaps death).