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UK drivers in EU post Brexit

Flying to Italy then driving the scenic way this year Ed. The siren song of Italian and Swiss summits is too strong to avoid.

Like the FL/VO Region Andy - so tempting - July when the Tour de France is passing through…

73 from Phil, your friendly European, currently glued to Parliament telly for another “meaningful vote”…

I’m jealous you lucky B***A - the trip up from Italy, through Switzerland to southern Germany is a wonderfully scenic route (even without the SOTA summits).

73 Ed.

We’ve booked our ferry crossings for a Benelux trip in June. What will be will be. Actually, we will be in transition phase, which means “business as usual” in virtually every respect, probably for a further couple of years. And that’s if we leave this month. Considering nothing has been agreed either in Parliament or with the EU, and therefore work hasn’t even started on negotiations, then extending Article 50 looks increasingly likely.

So as I enter my 18th year of SOTA activating, it’s all systems go for my debut activations in mainland Europe, Deal or No Deal, Brexit or No Brexit!

Well I will make sure that me and my co-activator will take lots of photos of our exploits for your benefit. :slight_smile:

I think that is the government policy because a sack of mischeivous monkeys could have done a better job than people paid the thick end of £80k/year.

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The task put before our MPs/government/parliament is essentially impossible. The country is split. Parliament is split. Individual parties are split. The cabinet is split. The shadow cabinet is split. The one and only thing there (now) seems to be broad agreement on is that we want Brexit, and we want to maintain the existing Good Friday Agreement in Ireland, even though the two are, by definition, incompatible.

The only thing a sack of mischievous monkeys could have done better is to have given up a lot earlier and admitted the task was beyond them. I think the current impasse could last a very long time, and therefore, very little will change in the near and intermediate future.

ABW will be in F, DL, 9H1, I, OE & HB over a few occasions later this year. Let’s hope they’ve sorted out this madness by then?

My escape clause ‘GM’


There’s the old line, “be careful what you wish for,” and this looks like a massive cluster-f&#*.
Maybe you’ll need new cars with compatible fuels and electric polarity converters to generate left-hand current.
Good luck and all that.