Two summits today

Left my home at about 0645 utc, and came home 1630utc. The total drive with car was 120 kilometers.The weather-forcast for today said no rain , so I decided to go. And yes, the weather was nice , very cloudy, but no rain, and the temperatur on the summits was about 10 celsius, and no wind.
The first summit was LA/OL-198. It took 60 minutes to walk from the car and up to the summit. I worked on 14mhz , ssb and cw, and made totaly 49 qsos. And 6 of the qsos was s2s.I went qrt at about 1100 utc.
The next summit was LA/OL-195. From my car it took about 40 minutes to go to the top.The condition was not good , and the QSB was deep. But after callin cq for about 15min I got the first one , UU4JIM ,at about 1340 utc. I made 35 qso`s from this summit, and 3 of them was s2s.
I had the feeling that some of the chasers had problem to pick up my correct referance, so I decided to give this Quick-Report.

In reply to LA8BCA:
Hello and congrats for your activity.
I am using this thread, to say, we had a S2S Qso from LA/OL-181 (29/05/2013)
Probleme: you write F5hbi/p in your log, instead of F6.
I will appreciate if you can correct it, thanks and hope other S2S.
Gerald F6HBI

In reply to F6HBI:
Your callsign is now correct Gerald.
Hope to work you again soon.
Terje LA8BCA

In reply to LA8BCA:
Tnx Terje,
may be we can manage some Qso S2S, tomorrow (03/07/2013)
from the Traditional Mercantour Tour (5 summits a day).
73’s Gerald