Two days in Umbria: Monte Subasio I/UM-301 & Monte Coscerno I/UM-004

For an event related to my work, I found myself in region Umbria on Saturday evening and I took advantage of it to activate two peaks around the Foligno and Spoleto area. The first is Monte Subasio I/UM-301(also Pota I-0841) where I climbed on Saturday afternoon, a low and pleasant peak, practically a large plateau that ends at 1290m. where to get to the top you walk about 40 minutes between meadows and dirt roads. On the top I mounted my usual station with the fishing rod antenna and enjoyed making 52 QSOs with lots of S2S.

The following day a friend from Rome joined me and we climbed Monte Coscerno I/UM-004 instead, a beautiful new one peak 1684 meters high. Here the climb was longer, about 5 km of walking for an hour and a half. The weather wasn’t great, low cold clouds but no rain. On the top, a series of radio repeater systems (vhf-uhf) and a horrible monument of destroyed antennas.

Same equipment for a total of 32 qsos on 20 and 40 meters ssb. During the descent it rained a little but overall a beautiful day in the mountains. Two beautiful peaks, where I met practically nobody, large meadows and the joy of connecting many friends via radio.

73 de IW0HK Andrea