Two day trip PA-ON-DM

Hi all,
On July 21-22 I planned a trip to 11 summits in 2 days.
Its a large number, I skip some when needed.
Planning PA-002 ON-026 ON-009 DM/RP-003 ON-011 ON 025 ON-024 ON-029 PA-003
The PA-002 is due to “disappear” , valid until 31/7.
Did them all before, but now all on my one.
As l usual SSB on 40m, perhaps 20m later.
Will spot my self.
Hope to work you.

73 de Hans PA3FYG/P , , ON/PA3FYG/P, DL/PA3FYG/P

Hi Hans,

Walter ON7PX and I are planning to activate also some ON summits on Friday July 21 (ON-019, 018, 010 and 029). I’ll monitor 145.500 for some S2S …