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Twister on Cross Fell

I activated Cross Fell G/NP-001 Yesterday.

The temperature was in the low 30s C and no wind. As I sat adjacent to the summit cairn, along with 2 walkers enjoying their butties, out of nowhere the wind suddenly picked up to ferocious. The empty plastic bag that had held my headphones and the wide-brimmed hat on the head of one the walkers were whisked off and up (bit like Mary Poppins). The hat reached about 100ft before descending and landing close where we were sitting. The plastic bag continued it’s ascent until out of sight. The wind immediately returned to still.



Amazing to witness these events. With the change in conditions globally I reckon they will become a more regular occurrence. So far the strangest weather I have experienced during an activation was on Queensberry GM/SS-072 when a snow storm passed within metres, but it was completely dry at the operating position.

I listened out for you yesterday, but couldn’t copy you through the local noise. You seemed to be getting quite a number of calls though.

73, Gerald G4OIG

I once encountered horrendous gusts of wind on my way to Cross Fell while approaching Great Dun Fell. I could barely stand so had to abandon the activation and return home. I have since learned that Cross Fell sometimes experiences a phenomenon known as the Helm Wind. It certainly is a remote place with very changeable weather. However, on a good day it is superb sitting in the newly built shelter with wonderful views of the Lake District and is certainly one of my favourite summits.

Nick G4OOE

A book was written about that Helm Wind on and around Cross Fell.Geoff M0PYG has a copy.

73 Phil