Tw-004 Bishop Wilton

ive just uploaded 2 video’s from tw-004 Bishop Wilton, with myself m0sgb on 144mhz, and g0vwp on hf, on = also some photo’s on through my callsign m0sgb thread,
Hope you like them
Steve m0sgb

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Thanks Steve & Terry for the s2s. Nice sigs.


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Hi Zoli,

Nice to have worked you Zoli s2s look forward to the next one.

73 Terry de G0VWP

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Hi Zoli, was nice to work you from the summit of tw-004 bishop wilton, was very hard work on 144mhz.
Steve m0sgb at work in my truck…

Steve,Terry and Zoli…

Thanks also for the nice s2s-contacts on sunday.
hope work you again from the summits…

vy 73 Klaus

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Hi Klaus,

It was nice to give something back as your always there with big signal and the points.

We had a nice day up on the summit and then went looking for some geocaches.

We had one shower of rain all day the rest was sunshine for a change.

Thank 73 Klaus

Terry G0VWP

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Thanks also for the s2s contact last sunday. Was a very interesting day and nice to hear me from the “other” side. Hope to hear you soon.

73, Ralf

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Hi Ralf,

Thanks for the summit also Ralf, I do that one as it is the nearest one to me the only thing is it’s on a main road and can get very busy and noisy at times hopefully doing G/TW-005 this week WX dependent.

73 Terry G0VWP