TW-001 & TW002 Smash and Grab on Sunday

Myself and two mates are having a training walk tomorrow (Sunday) and I will be passing over these two summits in the morning. I will carry a handheld and 1/4 whip and so will activate them briefly. I hope to work a few stations in Yorkshire and Cleveland and maybe qualify the summits en-route, but as this is a training walk for a plan to do the 3 Yorkshire Peaks in July we won’t be hanging about for more than a few minutes. I should be able to get Roy G4SSH to spot me shortly before I hit the tops if I have mobile phone coverage.

Hope to see a few of you on S20 145.500 MHz.

73 Phil

Just back from our 17 mile training walk for the 3 Peaks (after a visit to the pub in Chop Gate - little beer left there, almost sold out due to the hot WX):

TW-001 Round Hill - qualified with 4 QSOs:

G3OHC (Graham Selby)
M3CTW (Fred Holmfirth)
2E0WJC (Bill Pudsey)
G0WUY (Alex York)

TW-002 Cringle Moor - not qualified with 2 QSOs:

2E0ZED (Alan Alnwick)
G3OHC (Graham Selby)

Thank you to Roy G4SSH and Graham G3OHC for spotting on SOTAWatch, it was a good walk and the one point was a bonus as I did not expect to qualify either summit with a handheld and whip.

Phil G4OBK