TW-001 to TW-005

Well done to John M0JDK and Steve 2E0KPO on activating all TW’s today

I’ll second that ! - Well done both and thanks for the 5 uniques.



Just a pity I missed TW-003 but I am over the moon with getting four out of five TWs on 2m SSB with only one real struggle.

Thanks to John and Steve I really enjoyed chasing you both today.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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Thanks for all five today - only one unique but well worth it.
Surprised at how accurate Autoroute is :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

Amazing effort given the distances involved. Only got one of them - TW-002 but that was S2S from SB-008 which was just great - S2S are all that I log in my chaser record - many thanks to Don G0NES for alerting us to that possibility.
Congratulations to John and Steve on achieving this feat.
73 jim g0cqk

Yes, amazing effort. Congratulations John and Steve! Pleased to hear so many providing support on all five summits, even going on until this late (for SOTA) hour.

73 and thanks for all 5 (4 were uniques),


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A Superb effort chaps,thanks for two of them, with my 5 watts,
73 Geoff G4CPA

Hi John, Steve

Great expedition, sorry I couldn’t catch you from my hole-in-the-ground QTH -heard the pileups you were generating but yourselves were barely there so didn’t call. (I’m a bit old-fashioned like that!)

Looking forward to news of your next exploit…

73 de Paul G4MD

Congratulations John and Steve on a superb effort,
and many thanks for 3 uniques.


What a superb effort lads, a real marathon. Sorry I missed you on 004, but I was mobile and tried calling in but I just couldn’t make the trip, nice to catch Steve on 005 while static mobile at the top of the Horshoe Pass, at the parking spot for NW-042/-043.
Power to your elbows on a superb team effort, well done.

73 Mike GW0DSP

Well done John and Steve,thanks for all 5 TW’s very much enjoyed especially as it was all on 2mtr ssb.73 Don.

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Well done John and Steve,thanks for G/TW-003 I needed that to compleat them all.
Did not get you in on TW-005 but your in my SWL log as I have a rx at work.

Terry de G0VWP

Many thanks for all the support chaps and XYL, Sharon, without all your support it’s even harder to keep going.

It great to get a pile up on 2M SSB!

Some simple facts, 06:00am start, 01:30 finish, 126 miles from the first summit parking spot to the last. Add another few for getting there and back and you done 390 miles… 14-15 miles walking.

John, M0JDK was a star driving. Thanks John, my turn next. (We alternate weeks, keeps the cost down and makes the driving more bearable), a few cups of tea kept John going on the trip home… hi hi

The reason we do so many in a day can be apparent, we have to drive so far we have to maximise our summits…

Anyway from us both, Thank you it’s much appreciated… now I better get working out the next mad trip!!

Devon and Cornwall anyone?


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Devon and Cornwall anyone?

Yep, looking at the 3rd week of July next year. Would be good to have a ‘gang’ down there for a few S2S - and beers.


Well done guys. Sorry the advertised SE-005 didn’t happen so i didn’t get to work you. Unforeseen circumstances left me running late and with an urgent dash across to West London to get in front of a TV by 8pm!!! It was worth it.

Still stuck on 249 :frowning:

Mick 2E0MCV