Tunnel Mountain VE6/HC-035

I woke up this morning to another -30ºC,
Needless to say I decided to do something low and local.
Tunnel Mountain (Sleeping Buffalo) is within the Banff, Alberta townsite. Waiting until midday allowed temperatures to increase to bearable. Tunnel Mountain is a short 40 minute walk 212m ascent, ground temperature was -12ºC at the peak, gusting winds to 28Km/hr but thanks to the trees I had some shelter.
Although I arrived earlier than my posted Alert the ever vigilant Richard N4EX spotted me (Thanks!), seven further QSLs quickly followed.

Tunnel Mountain was my first HF SOTA and today puts me at my first 100 activator points. Thanks to everybody tolerating my weak signal from Alberta Canada.

Callsign Time Distance Comments Me You
N4EX 2211 3374km 14MHz 46 56
W0MNA 2217 2064km 14MHz 56 56
W0ERI 2219 2064km 14MHz 56 56
K5WI 2221 2541km 14MHz 33 33
KG3W 2223 2918km 14MHz 33 33
W5ODS 2225 2304km 14MHz 55 22
NA6MG 2230 1910km 14MHz 55 56
N1EU 2232 3258km 14MHz 55 56

In reply to VA6MCB:
Congrats for ur 100 pts.
I tried to copy but could’nt hear anything here.

In reply to VA2SG:
Thanks JP there was considerable QRM and separate interference from a strong signal ragchew.