Tuning mode MTR5b vs MTR3b


I am a lucky owner of both Mountain Toppers 5b and 3b. I am surprised to observe that the 3b tunes my Elecraft T1 in its tune mode flawlessly, while the 5b does not make any action to the T1, as if it had too little power. The battery is the same, and everything else as well - just the rig changes. When I get to a non-tune mode and send continuous “dots”, then the MTR5b tunes well.

Does this mean MTR3b has by a chance a stronger trx power? I heard - if at all - it would rather be lower power on the MTR3b or at least equal to an MTR5b.

Has anyone experienced MTR5b being too short of power to tune in its tune mode?

Thanks for any opinions.

By chance I’ve just got my T1, delivered this morning.

My MTR5B fires up the T1 with no trouble in the ‘TUNE’ mode. I’ve just tried it, playing about with a new toy (as you do…). I’m using 8AA rechargable cells (so 10.2V) as a power supply.

Les g0nmd

The later MTRs have a special tuning mode which slowly ramps up the power to try to prevent any potential damage to the PA.

Some people power the radio from a PP3 during tuning and put the radio into straight key mode.

Always measure the power in straight key mode, otherwise you won’t get a true reading for power output.

73, Colin

Thanks, Colin and Les

I have read about the gradual power up of the tune mode on MTR5b (thanks for reminding, I forgot about it for a while), however the thing is I keep waiting and waiting, and I keep pressing and pressing the buttons on the T1, and nothing happens. When going out of tune mode, sending a series of dots helps to tune the T1 normally…