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Was watching the TT last night the warm up stages now
They talking about the 130 club and your properly wondering what on earth this got to do with Sota-ing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well they showed in two parts the fastest lap ever, what I noticed was the hills in back ground. And one came into view as he entered the mountain range and duly noted the BIG hill with the tower on top turns out to be GD/GD-001 Snaefell - 621m, :open_mouth:

Oh to be up there calling CQ Sota and watching out for Guy Martian doing his thing next week on the BMW :slight_smile: :disappointed_relieved:



I should imagine that TT week is just about the worst possible time of the year to go SOTAing in GD Karl! Getting a table for a meal, accommodation and convenient parking spots would all be difficult.


A few TT related photos in amongst the SOTA ones on there.

Well I wouldn’t go SOATing in TT week but the TT is, along with the NW200, one the true motorcycling spectacles. There’s something so much more about road racing than circuit racing.

Combinations are my favourite.

I always thought he was from another planet :wink:


People in glass houses Andy… :wink:

Just to add my two penneth, as I used to go (as a spectator) to the TT long, long, long before SOTA existed. It is a great spectacle and I hope it’s stayed as true to the old friendly biker spirit that it used to have. (Cars are removed or at least banned from the roads during TT week aren’t they?).

It was great fun and as you say Andy, one of the last real motor races in the world along with the NorhWest 200 and Bathurst in Australia and possibly a couple of other circuits, where the circuit is dangerous but when riden or driven well is a great thing to watch.

Even crashing my bike on the M62 on the way to the TT one year didn’t stop me getting there, I was back to the Liverpool to Ramsey ferry the next day with the train and then spent TT week as pillion passenger on my mates bikes on the island!

Great times!

73 Ed.

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It was seeing the late Joey Dunlop on a Honda V-4 in “V for Victory” that really made me realise that road racing was the tops. One of the guys I worked with had a production VF750R when the film was released (1984) hence the interest. Watching it made my soon-to-be XYL feel sick, she just could not cope with the speed walls and buildings shot past.

He went on to acquire a Harris Magnum not long after that with a GSX1100 motor. He said it made him realise how tame and gutless his 911 SC was in comparison!

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I used to have a combo (“chair”) years ago. If you survived your first encounter with their one vice, and after you had developed your arm muscles for the brute force steering, they were a great way to travel! Never got into the spectacle of racing, though!


Hell kill two birds with one stone LOL
Have to find out if old friend still living on the island. Camp out in his back garden :slight_smile:

Not sure if you have seen the BBC film “Road” narrated by Liam Neeson, the documentary is the dramatic, tragic and inspirational story of two sets of Dunlop - Joey and Robert. It’s a superb but somewhat sad production, well worth a watch.

Victor GI4ONL

What is TT?

A motorbike race of some fame (and notoriety) held on the Isle of Mann…

(I think TT refers to the course, and a number of races are run round it… :wink: )
(( …or is it the other way round? TT is one race among several run round the same course? ))
((( Can you tell I don’t follow this… )))


One of the most dangerous Motor cycle road races on streets of the Isle of man UK. Its known as the isle man TT ( Tourists trophy}

imagine doing 130+ average speed around the streets and hills of the isle of man around 37 miles of the course in 17 minutes


Hope these links help you understand.


The important thing is not that it is a race for motorbikes but that the race takes place on normal roads. They are closed to other traffic but you still are racing on roads with all the attendant hazards of lamp posts, kerbs, walls etc. in close proximity to vehicles peaking at 300km/h.

A video is better than words: