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Trying to contact JS2VVH

The MT have tried several times to contact JS2VVH and the Japan AM by email but have received no response.
I have an order for Mountain Goat from JS2VVH but there is no database record for me to check.

If anybody can contact Kiichi san and let him know that there is a problem I would appreciate the help

73 Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

Don’t know if it will work

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And lo, the QSOs were uploaded and the Awards Manager did grin, and the members of the MT did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and large chu–


…and a very large glass of something refreshing & alcoholic while watching “Talking Heads” - guess which one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for updating the database

Hi Barry,
I and JS2VVH responded to your mail many times, also thru Andrew VK3ARR. Check your mail box.



I and Toru replied by e-mail, but haven’t you received it?

I register in the SOTA database with the ID “GOMA”. First of all, I made an ID called JS2VVVH, but I do not use it.

Can you check it out at “GOMA”?

I’m sorry to trouble you.



I received his email this morning - there is no evidence of previous emails in my email account or spam folders. Andrew VK3ARR also did not receive any emails - I checked before posting to the reflector

Andy MM0FMF has deleted the second account - that was where the problem was as the awards checker was finding that it was empty.

Problem now sorted, thank you

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Hi Barry
Good to know that all resolved now. Thanks mate.


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