Trying again for Mount Cloudmaker VK2/CT-015


It’s been a while, and nearly scrubbed but today I got the OK to head out again at last. So, this Thursday or Friday I intend to be standing on top of VK2/CT-015 calling CQ for the first time. There are thunderstorms potentially forecast for Friday morning so I’ll be aiming for Thursday night assuming we travel quickly. If you’re listening I’ll be calling on 80,40, and 20. I’ll be stretching the IC-705’s legs so hoping for reasonable condx to make those 10W count.

Sadly, I couldn’t fit in more of the wild dogs. With a week off work I dreamed of traversing Kanagara via Mount Cloudmaker, Warrigal, and Cookem on the way to Katoomba. Alas, that trip remains for next year maybe. This time around I’ll be introducing someone new to overnight hiking so timing is very approx :slight_smile:

Looking forward to talking to you all again the on air.



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Hello Sam…will listen out for you. Hope to work you. All the best for your activation.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Yikes, no matter how many times you re-read something… I forgot to mention I should be able to self spot via the Inreach if nothing else works.