Try to activate all ON in 2 Months

In the first days of the year I activated 5 Belgium summits.
Now I try to activate all the remaining , FL/NO-058 and PA/ PA-003 if all works well. ON -030, ON-031, and NO-058 are new for me.
One the route from 2-4 March.
Of cource I skip some if needed. Priority new ones and winter bonus summits.
Hope to work you, … fast.
SSB 20/40m.
73 de Hans PA3FYG.


Good to read your message Hans. I will be tuning in for ON/ON-030 (Terrible Terril) and ON/ON-031 for sure. I also need to visit those two. I will go to LX/LX-005 in May to re-complete LX, but the ONs are just out of my reach on that trip.

Good luck and I wish you a successful trip OM…

73 Phil G4OBK


Ok Phil
LX-005 is ultra easy, but you need it to be complete.
I will allert!
Weather seems good,
It is a new route, with some deleted and done some in Jan.
So we will see if it is possibe.

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Succes met de activaties.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW