Try a snowshoe SOTA in Switzerland this winter!

HB9SOTA has just announced the proposed dates and destinations for our annual group snowshoe excursions this coming December and January. Both of these summits are 4-pointers and qualify for the winter bonus (>1500m). If you’ve ever dreamt about trying a snowshoe activation, this is a great opportunity to do so with a large enthusiastic group of activators and get plenty of local support. Start your planning now!

These dates are of course subject to last minute change. And, of course, wx plays a very important role. Will there be there enough snow? Or, in contrast, is there a blizzard forecast for that day? Last year, the ski resorts didn’t have great snow until late December, but every year is different. Thus, our president Juerg HB9BIN has proposed three dates for each excursion. That certainly makes planning for someone who wants to visit from far away a tad difficult, but we are at the mercy of the elements!

So now a few details:

Spicher HB/SG-039 (altitude 1519) 3.8 km one way from the parking area/bus stop/restaurant, 318m ascent, popular trail (I’ve done it several times on snowshoes). This is also in the shadow of Säntis HB/AI-001, which has a cable car running year-round, and it’s not far from Kronberg AI-007, another cable car summit. Thus even if there is little snow, you’re assured of getting that winter bonus at one of the alternative summits.
30 Nov / 7 Dec / 14 Dec

Seilbühl HB/BE-151 (altitude 1750m) 1.3 km one way from the parking/bus stop/restaurant, 142m ascent, probably the easiest snowshoe SOTA in HB9 and I’ve taken multiple visitors here for their very first snowshoe experience. At this altitude and time of year, excellent chance of having snow and virtually zero chance of an avalanche.
18 Jan / 25 Jan / 1 Feb

For people traveling from afar, I’m sure we can provide local support. For instance, I have a pair of “guest snowshoes” that I’m happy to lend out so you don’t have to pack them on an airplane. I’ll bet other HB9SOTA members also have surplus equipment in their basements.

Finally, for those who would like to do even more snowshoe activations on their own, the HB9SOTA website maintains a list of such summits that either some members of the club have already done or are listed in publications by the Swiss Alpine Club, see HB9 Snowshoe Summits

73, hope to C U this winter
Paul HB9DST, on behalf of HB9SOTA