Trouble with APRS spotting

With flaky cell service on my phone and no service at all on my tablet today, I thought I would turn to my trusty HT and spot via APRS. I didn’t even put on the big antenna, sent a spot and got back a received notice. But, the note said that the spot was rejected!?! I always recycle an old spot so I know the syntax was correct and even tried using another previously successful spot for a template with the same result. Is APRS spotting being affected by the issues with the old database connection like SOTAwatch2 and other spotting tools? @MM0FMF Another activator said that his APRS spots never got out over the weekend so I am not sure if this is the same issue or not.


73, pat - KI4SVM

Hi Pat,

Yeah, all tied together, unfortunately

Is the issue being worked on or is APRS not going to work with SOTAwatch3?

I don’t know if It’s being worked on right now. If it isn’t worked on then it will not work with SW3. That doesn’t mean it cannot be changed to work.

Has anyone told Stewart @G0LGS?


it seems to work now … i just sent a test to ARPS2SOTA and it appeared on SW3:


73 Martin, OE5REO

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I have only just seen this thread ! (I have NOT seen any email saying anything was not working).

APRS2SOTA is still using the old way of spotting - I have not yet had enough time to sit down and fathom out how to use the new API.

You should have received an email from the reflector when you were mentioned by me a few posts back. Possibly the mail was spam filtered.

Anyway Stewart, just shout if you want to have an offline chat about how to update your code. There’s a few ways to make the transistioning something that can be done in stages depending on how much time you have available to spend on this.


Likewise, drop me a PM and I’ll talk you through the process. It’s pretty straightforward.

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I noticed yesterday a few activators were on summits and there were no spots.
I made one and saw other chasers spot too for the activators. I am guessing this
was part of that problem. Also, saw on the news a hiker and his wife were hit by
lightning yesterday in Colorado (W0C) and wonder if any of our activators were
hurt in these storms. I have not seen any posts on it as of yet.

I was activating South Boulder Peak (W0C/FR-075) on Sunday when the 1 hiker was killed by lightening (his wife was injured and is recovering) on Bear Peak Trail.

Bear Peak Trail connects to Shadow Canyon Trail that leads to South Boulder Peak.

A storm came upon us in very short order, with rain, light hail, and lots of lightening. I aborted my activation, and ended with only 2 contacts, but I’d much rather be alive than gain the SOTA points. I climbed down into an area with some large rocks for cover to wait for the worst of the lightening to pass.

As far as I know, the hiker that was killed was not a ham operator. The death is tragic, and it reminded me of the sometimes tenuous hold that we have on life.

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Glad to made the right decision and bailed out… de KG6LI

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The update to the SSO server confused RBNHole which required a quick code change. It was back as of yesterday.