Tropo conditions continue on the 1st weekend in December

December is characterized by the return of the low winter temperatures and diurnal temperature swing in these latitudes. After checking latest TR propagation forecast for this weekend it looks optimistically for tropo conditions on VHF. So we have a new chance to work SOTA stations and make good DX on 2m.
EA2->F,G,ON,PA… please keep your ears opened during the first beams of the rising sun !!!
I will be pointing to NE Europe with my yagui 3 elem on 145.525-FM from EA2/BI-003, Lekanda summit.
Hope this prediction will come true.
73 de Inaki

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Good luck, Inaki!
VHF dx contacts are very exciting. I also love them.
We will be traveling to Avila, center Spain. We try to listen you…

73 de EA2DCA & EA2DNO. Eutsi gogor VHF SOTAri. Ondo ibili :relaxed: