Trip to Valencia EA

I am planning a business trip to Valencia from 18 to 22 June 2020. If possible, I would like to take the opportunity to activate some sota in the region on Saturday afternoon, Sunday or Monday knowing that the return flight is around 18:00 hours.
Any information concerning possible activations easily accessible will be welcome.
Thank you in advance.
Laurent de F8CZI

Hi Laurent,
I am sorry to not be able to inform you about easily accessible summits in the region of Valencia, if you consider the possibility of activating a summit in the nearby region of Castellon it is possible that I can inform you about easy summits in this area that is the one that I usually frequent in my activities .73


Bonjour Laurent,
Sans connaître, malheureussement, la région au niveau SOTA, mais en regardant le SOTA mapping disponible online, il me semble que ces trois seraient des sommets accesibles par voiture et pas trop distants de la capital Valencia:

Malheureussement, il n’y a pas des dix pointers drive up et similaire…
Bonne chance et j’espère de reussir à te chaser dans tes activations sur EA5/VL.


Hi Laurent,

to my knowledge there aren’t many activations done in VL area, but I can contribute with this one I did in the past. You can drive up close to the summit but have to leave the car in one point.
Just if this helps:

73 de Ignacio.
Ps: if interested I could provide you the track (GPX)

Dear friends,
Thanks a lot for all the information that you provided. I will have a look on these and check which summit(s) I would like to activate. Btw I am also looking to rent a car and to find a place for 2 more nights because the hotel is only booked for 2 nights by my company.
Thanks again and hope to contact you.