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Trip to TF

I have just returned from a 16 day trip to Iceland with my wife. We had an amazing trip!

I managed to get in 5 activations, with a total of 241 QSOs (18 S2S). It was quite a thrill to work so many different countries and people that I recognize from the Reflector.

Thanks to all those who chased me! Also thanks to @TF3EK for going on an activation with me - we had a great hike and activation. It was a pleasure!

Below are a few photos from my activations.


-Josh WU7H

Volcano eruption visible while hiking up to TF/SV-043

On the summit of TF/SL-216

On the summit of TF/NL-203

Hiking up to TF/SV-033

On the summit of TF/SV-029 with TF3EK


Hello Josh, thanks for your activation report and great photos. An interesting trip. Well done! :smiley:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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What a BLAST, to bring so much of this together on your trip.
Maybe we’ll see you around the PNW when your budget can afford it!!! :sunglasses:
Victor KI7MMZ
Beautiful DOWN TOWN Everett

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Iceland grows on one; bet you’ll be back.
And yes, the mosquito net is a basic requirement!
73, Ken & Kay


Thanks Ken, and I will most definitely go to Iceland again some day. What an amazing place! We drove the entire ‘ring road’, so next time I will explore the highlands.

The only time I needed the bug net was in the area surrounding Lake Mývatn (which literally translates to ‘midge lake’). The midges in that area were the worst I’ve ever encountered in my life. They mostly don’t bite, but if you don’t have a bug net they will fly into your ears/nose/mouth/eyes and are intolerable. A few managed to get up my trouser legs and I had quite a few bites on my lower legs. I should have tucked my trouser legs into my socks =)

I posted a lot of photos from the trip on Instagram (gibbsjj).



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Hello Josh.

Exciting pictures! Thank you. Even though we haven’t had a qso with each other yet, maybe it will work out one day. Have a good time.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Tnx Josh for all the activations! Got you as often as
I could hear you.

John Paul//AB4PP

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If you are keeping a list of envious people, please add me.


Hi Josh

This is from our activation of TF/SV-029. It was fun, despite the wind, shown bending your pole



Nice pictures. And thanks for the QSO on 22-8 from TF/SV-033.

Thanks for sharing info. Maybe one day I will go there to. Who knows……

73 - PA9CW - Tonnie.

Thanks Einar! I hope we can do another activation together someday, either in TF or W7W.



You made my day Josh!
Thanks for S2S QSO on 30m (14.08.2021). :+1:
I was on DM/BM-304.

73, Mario DJ2MX (9A4MX,N0MX,E73DX)


Thank you Mario! It was quite a thrill for me too :beers:




The same goes for me too. My CW knowledge is still very limited. Also my 20 long efhw is actually unsuitable for 30m and tuned by the atu of the kx2.
I was all the more pleased when you answered my call.
73 Chris DM/NS-122 24/08/21 11:09

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