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Trip to Sardinia

Hello Sota friends,
I will go to Sardinia in September and will stay near Carbonia. During this week, I would like to combine holidays and of course SOTA activation.
So any advise about visiting and Sota activation possibilities will be much appreciated.
Laurent fr F8CZI

Hi Laurent,

I recently visited Corsica, so not too far away from Sardinia. I struggled to contact any locals on 2m/70cm. In fact, my only contacts over 2.5 weeks were with French and Italy based stations. I monitored 145,500FM every day between 7am and 6pm and didn’t hear a single TK station on sadly.

My advice therefore, is take HF kit if you can! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll have better luck than I, especially as Sardinia has a much bigger population, so hopefully many more Amateurs to talk to.

I wish you a safe and successful trip.
Best 73,

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your answer.
Of course as everywhere, the activity on 2m or 70cm is very low. may be a little bit hugher on digital mode such DMR ans family. So for sure I will bring my HF equipment with me.
I hope I will get some advice form local operator.

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Here are some notes I made when looking for fast summits (because I was in company on a work trip) a few months ago:

SummitCode SummitName Points Notes TopCandidate
IS0/IS-030 Punta Palai 8 Off SP17. Possilble road access (private?)
IS0/IS-033 Punta Masiènnera 8 From Area Picnic di Sa Minda hike ~1km. Off SP36
IS0/IS-037 Punta Sasisorgiu 8 Church. Comms site. Parking 1
IS0/IS-045 N.S. di Gonani 8 Pilgramage site. Our Lady of Gonare.
IS0/IS-048 Punta Serpeddi 8 BIG comms site. Possible vehicular access
IS0/IS-073 Cuccuru Su Pirastru 6 Forestry co-op
IS0/IS-091 Monte Ixi 6 Track into AZ appears gated. Private?
IS0/IS-092 Punta Sa Matta 6 ~Drive-on
IS0/IS-105 Monte Tuttovista 6 Parking ~300m from summit. Serious zig-zag road. Giant statue 1
IS0/IS-120 Monte Pino 4 Dirt track to summit. Switchback. Scarey!
IS0/IS-128 Monte Guzzini 4 Drive-on? Wind farm 1
IS0/IS-134 Bruncu Bentosu 4 Village extends into AZ. Track to summit 1
IS0/IS-151 Monte Cuccuruddu 4 Drive-on. Pub nearby
IS0/IS-171 Cuccuru de Monte 2 ~drive on. Activated already
IS0/IS-182 Monte San Antine 2 Runis & museum. parcgenoni.it Get permission
IS0/IS-183 Monte Taccu 2 Farm track into AZ
IS0/IS-196 Punta Durrisola 2 Concrete road from SP18 deteriorates. 1km hike if not SUV
IS0/IS-243 Su Monte 1 Drive-on
IS0/IS-247 N.ghe Genna Maria 1 Ruins. Ristorante adjacent
IS0/IS-252 Punta Conca De Janas 1 ~Drive-on. Domus de Janes. Tourist site possibly in AZ
IS0/IS-259 Monte Exi 1 Dirst track around it. Pretty featureless but possible
IS0/IS-290 Monte s’Ega Sa Femmina 1 Dirt track gets close. But fenced?
IS0/IS-298 Monte Maladromi 1 Dirt track to south. Looks possible.

No guarantee as to accuracy of course.

73, Simon

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your replay and notes. I will have a look on it.
I understand the meaning when you have to combine Sota and work trip, I have to deal with everyday because I work in HB9. For me the worst thing is when you have to visit a customer and you have found a Sota summit near him that is not reachable after a long walk, that you are lucky with you job because you can finish very early but…when you start your drive to the parking spot it starts to rain :sob:. so for the next time !
Again thanks a lot.