Trip to OK Land

In reply to M0KCB:
Good luck on your journey in OK. Maybe we will meet
on some summit :). I plan to be in JC and PL in the
same period. Let’s hope the WX will be fine.
73’s Dan / OK1DIG

Looking forward to working you as OK7OK again. I plan to do some DM/BM-activations in this time. So perhaps we manage a S2S.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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I might run into you, I would be around Kvilda 27th to 30th! I plan to make some activations, so hopefully weather gets better…

Marek OK1BIL

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when you’re out in OK / KA, you can also take 2m FM. In DL often wait hunters who would like to take one or the other OK point, which is not feasible and KW.
The call is usually the QRG 145.575 MHz or just the .500

Regards Jörg

In reply to M0KCB:

Band conditions still horrible, on the 2nd summit yesterday only
manage 12 contacts in 2 hours.

lets see what today brings

Good copy on your 5W SSB on 17M today, only 30min after local sunrise. Conditions not so bad.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU