Trip to EA7 - thanks for all the help

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who provided advice and guidance that helped make my first overseas SOTA activation a success.

I activated EA7/AL-003 Calar Alto for what appears to be the first time. This is a surprise to me as you can drive to within a few metres of the summit at over 2100m ASL by using the road that goes to the optical telescope observatory. There is one very large dome and several smaller ones.

Thanks in particular to SV2OXP who first provided an excellent 10 point to 10 point Summit to Summit from SV/MC-027 in the Macedonia region of Greece.

It was great to work so many chasers that I don’t usually speak to at home where I mostly work on 2m.

But it was also nice to hear some familiar voices from back home too like G6ODU, G4UXH and M3XIE.

Hopefully out again tomorrow. Watch out for the Alerts.

MW0WML (currently in very sunny and warm EA7)