Trip report/pictures video of W0/FR-050 (Lily Mtn)

Just finished my trip-report from the Lily Mountain activation last week. The scenery changed a little with the fresh snow we got in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. You can find the report/pictures/video under:

And as usual, the short-cut to the video on Youtube for those of you who do not care about the report.

The antenna incident was cought on tape as well… it’s around 12:00 into the video clip. Luckily I was using a SC whip which survived with a few scratches.

73, Matt / KØMOS

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Thanks for another great video, keep them coming. I heard you work Guy, but you were just too weak to me in Northern NY.

Andrew - K1YMI

In reply to K1YMI: Thanks for listening, hopefully next time
73, Matt / K0MOS