Trip Report: Grays Pk. and Torreys Pk

Check out my report from an activation earlier this month: WØC/FR-ØØ2 (Grays Pk.) – 4341 m / 14270 ft and WØC/PR-Ø13 (Torreys Pk.) – 4340 M / 14267 ft | SOTA outings by KØMOS and contributors

73, Matt/KØMOS

In reply to K0MOS:

Nice video Matt …i like verry ur choice musique :slight_smile:

73 Jean VE2JCW

In reply to K0MOS: Hello Matt.
Thank you for your great SOTA - report.
The links to the Websites concerning for example “Continental Divide” are very helpful to imagine your hiking area.
You report that the most asked question was: “How far does your signal go?”
When I was climbing to a summit with my portable antenna which looks like a angling rod then the most asked question was: "Can you fish up the fishes at the summit?“ hi hi.
Best 73 de Fred/DL9MDI