Tribute to Mike Oldfield

To mark the 40th anniversary of Mike Oldfield’s third album ‘Ommadawn’ entering the British Album Charts I am heading to Hergest Ridge on the 2 November (the day it entered the charts). Although his second album - ‘Hergest Ridge’ was written in his home ‘The Beacon’ in sight of Hergest Ridge, the album was recorded at Virgin Records Manor Studios north of Oxford. However, ‘Ommadawn’ was written and recorded at ‘The Beacon’ and strongly influenced by the Celtic music of the area around Hergest Ridge, hence the reason for the return to this iconic landmark on the 40th anniversary.

I promise to turn the music down when I start the activation :smile:

Catch you on the air

73 Glyn


Hi Glyn

… and a fantastic album it is too. Good luck tomorrow - I will be traveling south tomorrow so won’t be able to catch on air.

All the best

Thanks Martin - activation is Monday 2 November maybe catch you


Let’s hope you’re going through the grass rather than across the snow :wink:

Have fun I’ll be up to my ears at work…

73 de Paul G4MD

I still have Tubular Bells but I think that was the only one I bought.

Inspired no doubt by cavity filters.


Hi Glyn

Sounds like a good excuse for an activation. On a misty morning the walk up to Hergest Ridge is very ethereal, a great place although I have only visited once with 2E0NON.

I’m a bit of a fan of Tubular Bells myself, although it isn’t my favourite type of music. However I did see it performed live about three years ago in York by a couple of Australian guys. They toured the UK this year as well and I would thoroughly recommend their performance of it if it returns to a theatre near you. Tubular Bells Live

73 Phil G4OBK

Glyn, if youre into Mike Oldfield, have a listen to this guy, I think hes very good.