Traveling to UK in august possible easy SOTA activ

Hi all, I will be travelling to UK in August this year and was wondering if I should bring my FT817 along and try to activate some of the easier to get to summits there. The travel itinerary has not been set in concrete apart from some accommodation bookings and flights in and out.
We will be in London for almost 1 week, then travelling to Wales to get a ferry to Dublin (1 week stay in Dublin) then back to UK up to Scotland for a week before heading south again and on to the eurostar to Paris for 4 days. then back home to VK3 via Singapore.

So if there are any easily accessible sota peaks roughly along the way I would like to give them a try.

I know the details are sketchy as far as my planned trip are set out here, but there still some time to do the planning before we leave and that may help to plan out journey.

Best regards
Mike VK3XL

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Yes Mike, bring your ft817 along. There are quite a few easy summits along North Wales for you to activate.
When you have time and dates drop me a line.
Roger mw0idx

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Thanks Roger. we will leave Melbourne on August 1st. stop over in Singapore for 24 hours then on to London. the best part of 3 weeks touring UK and ireland. We will be hiring a car so I might put in a mag mount and a 2 meter whip as well for the mobile.
I will keep the reflector informed of my plans.

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Morning Mike,

‘Bring your FT817’ - absolutely. If as you mentioned you are visiting GM contact me and I’ll set-up some fairly easy summits for you. (did say set-up, not help you up - hi hi!)


Jack (;>J

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Dublin (1 week stay in Dublin)

Hi Mike, if you are in Dublin, then Ben of Howth EI/IE-072 is a good option. Howth is worth a visit on a nice day anyway and the summit is only 15 minutes walk from the road. It is possible to get there by public transport from the city, but the walk would be longer…


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thanks for the replys so far.We will have a car for our trip around UK and Dublin, so it should be easy to get to a few summits. I aim to work from at least 1 from each association.
What is the most common band to use for ssb operation. Here in VK we tend to use 40 meters a lot and operate either side of the UTC day change over. That way the chasers get a double dip at the points ans it allows the activators to get home at a reasonable hour to keep the Minister for finance and nocturnal affairs happy.

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Here in VK we tend to use 40 meters a lot

On SSB, any of the normal HF bands (other than 30 metres, which, unlike in VK, is narrow-band-only). If the band’s open there’ll not usually be a shortage of chasers (though top band might be hard work)…

and operate either side of the UTC day change over. That way the chasers get a
double dip at the points

You have to camp out to pull that trick here. :wink:

73, Rick M0LEP

Not unknown…

Gun 2010 (2) - 1st September 2010 (you’ll need to make the obvious repair to the link!)
The Cloud 2009 (2) - 31st August 2009
Cadair Berwyn NW-012 - 2nd August 2011

Must do an overnighter again in 2014 - great fun.


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Perhaps you would like to join in with a really old SOTA event of Cream Tea (not done one for several years) on a top somewhere ie English Lake District. Silly dress mandatory.

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Hi Mike
You can overnight with us as we’re on the way to North Wales, if you like. We do hospitality for Couchsurfers and Warmshowers members anyway so why not visiting SOTA activators? A good stroll up the Wrekin G/WB-010 the next day [it’s 1 mile off the motorway on your route] is a possibility.


David M0YDH

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Sorry for my tardiness in not replying sooner. I have been inundated with jobs from the minister for home affairs. I am also off to Australia’s highest mainland summit this weekend (Mt Kosciuszko vk2/sm-001) so some planning for that has taken priority.
Thank you for your kind offer David. I will put that into the mix and see if it fits in with the tour planner (XYL).
Best regards
Mike VK3XL