Travel to portugal

I am goin gon Holiday to the Algarve in a couple weeks and although My TS480 is a bit too heavy to take to Portugal and havent got a KX3 or ft817, I am taking my 2m handheld with me. I doubt I’ll get any SOTA time in but hotel activating is the main possibility.

I have never taken any Amateur radio equipment abroad what tips or requirements do I need to do or take to get through airports with minimum fuss and operate within the rules in Portugal?
I have a copy of my license printed out and its terms etc.
Is it wise to find a portugal licensing terms from somewhere or will operating inside my licensing terms cover the main major requirements in Portugal?

I’m staying near Armacao de pera BTW.


Holders of CEPT Licenses are authorised to transmit according to their licenses and IARU Region I Bandplan.
You should have a copy of your license with you.
You should prefix your callsign with :

  • "CT7/” for CEPT Category 1 holders
  • “CS7/” for CEPT novice" Category holders
  • “CR7/” Category 3 (mostly for beginners VHF/UHF).
    Then you should add, “/P”, “/M” if you are portable or mobile.

Assuming you are a CEPT category 1 you should use CT7/M0VED/p on SOTA.

Vy 73

Pedro’s info is spot on. Printout a copy of your licence, printout a copy of TR-61/01, the CEPT document. Have these in your carry on luggage. Print out the “traveling with hazardous goods” document from your airline’s website. This will explain about batteries etc. and put that with the licence.

I’ve taken a handy to and from the US with no problems and have taken my 817 and LiPo on 8 flights this year without issue. The security guys don’t care as they are looking for some specific shapes and colours on the Xray scanners and radios and batteries don’t flag themselves as suspicous.

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If you rent a car Anthony, CT/AL-003 Serra do Monte Figo is not far from Faro and is a drive on summit. CT/AL-001 Serra de Foia is also a drive on and is located further west, not far from Monchique. A couple of others are but a short walk from the parking spot.

As for operations on 2m FM from either a hill or the hotel, all I can do is wish you the best. I have made three visits to the Algarve and have never worked anyone on 2m, FM or SSB. Pity I am not out there when you are - a CT7/G to CT7/M QSO would have been an interesting one for the log.

73, Gerald G4OIG.

Just came out through Manchester Airport. Took laptop, tablet, handheld, Ft817 and 7Ah LiFe battery out of my hand luggage and put it in a separate tray. They then stopped my hand luggage item and said ‘you’ve got a lot of wires in there’. Of course that was all the chargers… lady had a quick root around and took an explosives swab and then I was set free to go. Didn’t stop the tray of electronic items and batteries.