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Transceiver suggestions for static mobile chasing


Definitely Jackson Pollock… you should see my shirt after eating!

The answer is whatever. But I have lost due to wind on summits:

3x plastic box lids
1x folding sit mat
1x pair fingerless gloves
many plastic bags.

I feel embarrassed at the amount of litter I have created over the years so now I go through a routine of stuffing the stuff that blows away into a bag attached the rucksack.

GM/SS-125 calls for HF antenna tests for my imminent EA8 visit.


I know folk use plastic food containers as lightweight transceiver boxes, that is another option I would think will be suggested.


Hear, hear! - I used to use one of these to carry a small TRX:

Very sturdy! and I didn’t find it too heavy… YMMV, though as always. The TRX would also be wrapped in bubble-wrap inside.

I also use one of these to carry a Rode NT-4 microphone+cables+deadcat for field recording:

Virtually indestructible!


I use plastic food boxes too.
Another option, which I use for my LifePo battery, is to make a fitted case out of closed cell foam (eg an old sleeping mat) joined together with gaffa tape.
I’d probably go with that for the 857 as it offers quite a lot of protection even if you fall backwards onto the rucksack.


Well I’ve put that right - like Mark I’m now a proud owner of a shiny new '857D and plan to have it ready to go for the transatlantic event :slight_smile:


My 857 is truly encapsulated in plastic. Okay, I appreciate that have gone too far (the bolts are even stainless steel), but I can now relax on those snowy, sleety, rainy GM summits. And this setup still stays in the backpack. :grinning:

The boxes are paper storage boxes back to back, ordered off eBay.


You forgot wind. It was diabolical today. I only popped out to confirm a new 30/20/17 dipole did work outside the garden and was deployable. Deployability needs working on.


Yes, that virtually constant state… so constant I forgot to mention it. Wind certainly helps get the hail and graupel into the backpack. Absence of wind on a GM summit is a rare thing and something to be treasured. :slight_smile:


Bad luck old man - have a peppermint.