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Trans-Pacific S2S QSO Party 18th April 2020 2100-2300Z

There’s been some talk over on the Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party thread about holding a Trans-Pacific S2S QSO Party between Asia/Oceania (VK/ZL/JA/HL/BV/KH6 etc) and North America. The idea would be for all interested SOTA activators to gather on summits at an appropriate time (2100-2300Z ???) and try and work each other across the Pacific. So we’re talking about Saturday afternoon in North America and Sunday morning for Asia/Oceania. If there’s interest, we could tentatively schedule the Trans-Pacific event for 2100-2300Z 18 April, unless there are reasons to change that. Please respond in this thread with your interest.

Barry N1EU


Hi Barry! Yes, I´m interested!!!
For my S2S experience with NA and OC 2100-2300 is the best time.
And why not a Trans-Pacific S2S QSO Party Weekend? Remember OC and AS Saturday and Sunday are your Friday and Saturday.
73 de JP3PPL

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If I am around I will be into it.


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yes I’m interested


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Sounds fun to me!


Alert entered.


Yes, very interested. That is assuming we are allowed to leave our homes… Likely QRO here for the event. K7GT

I usually activate during these events…however…

I will have to wait and see if ANYBODY ANYWHERE is allowed to be out on a summit on April 18th.

It appears to me that most of Europe may be under restrictions by then (if not already).

Not sure about the future Pacific and USA restrictions either so activity could be minimal this year.

So for now put me down as “For Sure, Definitely…and Maybe.”


I could be wrong, but I’m not worried about restrictions on movement. The SF Bay area currently has the most restrictive measures in place in the USA but they specifically allow walks and other outdoor exercise as long as you maintain 6ft distance between people. In any event, I say let’s plan and hope for the best.

73, Barry N1EU
(fwiw, I plan on running 10W cw to simple wire antenna)


I will try to participate.

Oleh, KD7WPJ

I’m in.

Mark ZL3AB

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If we are allowed, then I’m in. Great idea!

Interested… Please note that the chances for success are far greater on 17 mtrs than other bands, and even then just west coast to JA, not VK/ZL.

Elliott, K6EL


Not sure Elliott, here’s what VOACAP says for southern Oregon to VK, ZL, and JA using 10W cw and dipoles at both ends. In our time frame, 15/17M look possible for VK/ZL and 20/17M for JA




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As far as I konw, in NA there are pileups or ¨heavy¨ local activity, right? For this reason and to increase the possibilities of S2S with OC and AS, I recommend that each certain number of local QSOs stop the pileup and ask for ¨OC S2S-AS S2S¨ because sometimes it is very difficult (almost impossible) to break the local pileups.
73, JP3PPL

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Yes, that’s a good point about needing to specifically listen for the DX S2S and asking the domestic pileup to QRX periodically. I think I would just send “as as pse dx s2s kn” on cw. (“as” is cw for “wait”)


ZL2AJ is also keen. Excellent idea.

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I made trans-pacific QSO today. It was not S2S, but still trans-pacific from W6/NC-190 on 22:45 UTC. 18 MHz CW with JH1OCC. I was lucky that his CW is not very good, and I just found on his page on QRZ, that he asked to transmit slow. Because of this - he transmitted slow, and it helped me to copy his callsign wit deep QSB. I gave credit for this QSO to JH1OCC, because he used 4 elements monoband yagi fo 18 MHz! I used HB1B 4 bands 5 w transceiver, and 18 MHz is a bonus fifth band, and the received is not as good on this band as on all other bands.
I think that the best time for the trans-pacific QSO is an afternoon on the west coast of US - it will be early morning in JA and VK/ZL and other potential countries for trans-pacific S2S QSOs.

yes, the original post in this thread proposed 2100-2300Z, and I just added that info to the thread title :smiley:

Hi! I only have 5 S2S with NA, maybe this data can help for planning:
KR7RK (W5N/FL-012) at 23:38 14mhz
N1CLC (W7A/AE-006) at 23:32 14mhz
N6IZ (W6/NC-182) at 23:01 14mhz
AB3G (W6/CT-128) at 23:35 14mhz
WC6J (W6/SS-471) at 22:04 14mhz, 22:29 18mhz