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Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party 18th April 2020

Okay, that is fine from a radio point of view, but we need to remember this is only a hobby. It would be socially irresponsible to hold this event. We need to heed the instruction to stay at home. Look at where Italy is now - that is where both the USA and UK will be in 14 days time. Other countries are on a similar timescale and we do not know what will happen from this point on.

This evening our Prime Minister has announced new stringent measures which include one period of exercise per day, a maximum of 2 people together outside (other than family groups living in the same house) and a number of other measures. Our police now have powers to stop, question and detain and non-essential travel has to stop from tonight. So unless you live within a few kilometres of a SOTA summit and can get there on foot, there will not be any activations taking place in the UK… and I doubt sitting on a hilltop qualifies as exercise. The UK is effectively in lock down.

My advice is to get on the radio when you can and look for others you know have an interest in SOTA. Let us take this as an opportunity to get to know each other better. Maybe 7.032, 7.118, 14.062, 14.285 and other SOTA hotspots could be used at least as calling frequencies. Let’s stick together through this crisis! My best wishes to you all.

Take care and keep well.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


So after reading this post, I made the effort to contact Paul-NA5N, the “owner” of the QRPTTF contest. After a quick discussion about it, he allowed me to bring the information here.He says the QRPTTF web site will be updated “SHORTLY”. Definition of shortly was not asked for or offered, so YMMV.

Texas and New Mexico are pretty much still into “Social Distancing”. So this is what Paul put out.


QRP To The Field (QRPTTF) will be held this year on Saturday, April 18, 2020, the usual daylight hours in the U.S. time frame.

To comply with the isolation and travel restrictions most of us are now living under, there will be no theme this year, just a HOME and FIELD category. There is no special emphasis to operate from the field with most parks and areas closed, isolation concerns, or to not violate local restrictions. We’ll operate from HOME in “Take-Out” mode; FIELD operations are allowed only if you’re comfortable traveling to a location without violating local guidelines (or from your back yard).

April 18 also coincides with the annual SOTA S2S Trans-Atlantic QSO Party.
So, SOTA stations (most are QRP) will be on the air for the added bonus points, some from EU, and all SOTA station contacts also qualify for QRPTTF contacts. If you’re a SOTA op who prefers to stay home, then participate in QRPTTF instead.

I really struggled with this. Some communities are now imposing fines for being caught out and about; we all know the isolation and self-quarantine guidelines imposed on us and the uncertainties come April 18. So the emphasis this year is operate from HOME so we can all remain safe and still have fun.

Ham radio is the safest activity on planet Earth right now. We can associate with all our QRP friends on the bands without having to wash our hands after wards! :slight_smile: See you for QRPTTF on April 18 from the comfort and safety of your HOME. It might help your “Cabin Fever” just a bit.

I’ll be updating the QRPTTF website shortly.

72, Paul NA5N

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Many thanks for this Mike. To reflect Paul’s decision. perhaps those that were interested in activating summits in the S2S Trans-Atlantic QSO Party and those that were hoping to chase them can look out for QRPTTF stations working from their homes. It would be good to maintain the interest in making Trans-Atlantic contacts. Let us all hope this is all behind us by November.