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Trans-Atlantic S2S Event - 20th April 2019



weather is uncertain, but I will try to activate EA2/NV-119, mainly on 14 CW-SSB, starting at around 13:40
Good luck and look forward S2S and many trans atlantic QSO.

73 de Ignacio


With any luck we should get some enhanced pre-aroral conditions today as a Coronal Hole has just opened up on the Earth facing side of the sun and it’s throwing lots of ionisation this way. Expect the plasma in 1.5 to 2 days time, when the noise level (K index) will likely rise dramatically.

73 Ed.


I will be around and chasing hoping to pick up any Sota either side of the pond. 100w to a Doublet here I won’t be a big signal in NA. 18mhz always works well here to NA if open. Good Luck and hope your WX improves.



Conditions are starting to get good for DX SouthWest Europe <> NorthAmerica.
Please, come to 20m CW and I’ll be waiting for you.




AS a Chaser Guru it’s been great none stop SOTA from around 0930z onwards with good short skip within EU on the 20m band and into USA, including W6 (Just one for me NA6MG W6/CT-050).

I’ve been on and off the radio all day!

73 Phil


Despite I’m not activating today, I’ve been QRV as a chaser looking for activators in the Trans-Atlantic S2S party since we finished our lunch at about 13h30 utc and I’ve been having quite a lot of fun so far. It’s been a nice SOTA party.
I heard you chasing NA6MG/P and I wasn’t copying him at all at that time.
Conditions here in the SouthWest of Europe open later and Dan was an easy copy when we made our QSO at 15h49.
Here I’m in the appartment using remotely my IC-706 MKI at 100 watts into the TH5-DX yagi.




Still good condx Guru - last 2 QSOs in log:

Now need to cook dinner but keeping an eye on the screen from time to time hihi…

73 Phil


I’ve been stalking for them too but couldn’t get copy. Only N7CW was barely sensed at times and I called him in the hope that the QSB would play ball but it didn’t.
I again heard you working one of these 2 (I don’t remember who) and I had to swallow while craving for some conditions improvement for me…
Congrats for your DX chases, Phil.
Sunset will be at 18h54 utc here so I still hold some hope for a brief improvement with some American activators on 20m CW then.



And the good conditions still holding:


A full report later on my log but just to say, I hope that those who went out in North America are safe and were not affected by the heavy storms.

In my case, my activation didn’t go to plan due to expernal problems - I tried to combine a meet-up for the wife with friends and my activation. Her plans were spoiled by one particular ferry route not running on the lake and the knock-on effect was that i had to end my activation at 12:28 UTC - probably too early for most NA activators and chasers.
I did manage one EU S2S and a few EU chaser contacts however.

73 Ed.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to my full report: https://wp.me/p3u0rP-1g7



While it’s been reported copy of AI4SV in HB, I’m sitting on his frequency for quite a while and he’s not yet getting to EA2. If you can keep on CQing, I hope to be able to copy you by our sunset in about 30 minutes.



I activated I/LO-297 Monte Crocione from 12:30utc to 15:40utc, I worked on 20 and 17cw. I didn’t manage any NAs2s qso.
I heard @KI4SVM on 18.089cw rst 109 strong qsb at 12:30utc
and half hours later on 14.061cw with same weak signal. I tried to contact, without success.
I managed 22 qso and 7 EU s2s, almost all qso in 20mt, only 3 qso with direct-wave on 17meter band.

Thanks at all!
73 and Happy Easter
de iw2obx/p Roberto


Hi Roberto,

Thanks for listening for me but condx were not so hot when I was out this morning. I was running 50W so that will give some indication of conditions earlier today. I managed to snag one EU S2S and a handful of EU chasers. I could hear a number of stations calling me but were way down in the noise. I am feeling a bit under the weather so I opted for an easy access summit and shelter from the actual weather. :wink:

73, pat - KI4SVM


GM0GAV/P was out on Ben Gulabin GM/CS-077. Conditions not great on 17m, just worked a few east coast chasers. More success on 20m, S2S with WA7JTM WS0TA K1JD. Failed to complete with W0CP after a few tries, N7CW was ESP. Worked a few west coast chasers inc WA, OR, MT & AZ.

KX2 10w + 9m vertical wire and radials. Great weather and thanks for the qso’s.
73 Gavin


Hi Pat,
I was working with kx3, 10watts and efhw vertical for 20mt.
Congratulation for your activation!!
I hope to contact you the next times.


Saturday 20th April 2019 - Normanby Top G/TW-005

Gig: Joe Longthorne
Venue: Hull Comedy Lounge

I deliberated for a while about what summit to combine with this gig. Nothing was really obviously en route or convenient. What made me settle on the Lincolnshire Wolds was that the timing would coincide with the EU-NA S2S event.

I set off from Macclesfield and drove via Buxton, Chesterfield, Brigg and Caistor. I chased David 2E0IXM/P on Shining Tor G/SP-004 when I was near Bakewell. My satnav was programmed to land me on High Street, east of the summit and beside a bridle way leading towards it - but not actually to it.

The whole area is pretty flat though and comfortably within the AZ. I walked about 500m towards the end of the first large field and set up the 20m GP there.

Conditions were pretty poor, and no DX S2S occurred for me during my limited time window. 20 QSOs were made:

20m CW: 15
20m SSB: 5

S2S: 7
G6PJZ/P on G/TW-001
HA2PP/P on HA/KD-006
G4OOE/P on G/TW-004
LZ1GJ/P on LZ/RO-144
M0OAT/P on G/NP-024
S56KVJ/P on S5/BI-065
S57MS/P on S5/RG-045

SWL: 1
CT2HOV/P on CT/BL-024

DX: 3
AC1Z on CW
KG3W on SSB and CW

After set up and soundcheck, the band adjourned to a favourite pub of ours when we work in Hull - The Old English Gentleman, in the theatre quarter. This pub does a superb steak and ale pie and Wainwright ale.

We had a very good show. Some of the musicians then drove home, but it made little sense for me to do that. So I took a room back at The Old English Gentleman and started to consider potential summits for the following day’s journey across to Blackpool.


Just got home…

A super quick scan of today’s log from W7A/CS-049 shows 69 QSO’s total, eight EU QSO’s, two of them s2s contacts (GM and HB), and 23 s2s QSO’s total.

Worked OH, EA (2), HB (2), SM (2), and GM.

Which again proves that in spite of my prediction of no EU into Arizona this year I was wrong…again.


Thanks to all!!!




While I never planned to listen or attempt to do S2S to the EU, I did have a M0XXX calling me but I could not get back to them, as well I could hear M0NOM on 14.330, tried to call back with no luck. I guess my 35ish watts were not enough to do the trick.



I went to activate EA2/NV-119 for this event.
It took an effort to install my 2 element Delta beam (2BD antenna) facing North West towards NA. I used my KX-3 at 10 watt this time.

I started calling CQ at 13:30 on 20m CW.
Soon after the start I qsy’ed to 14.064 where I heard KG5AUU very well on W5A/CS-004, but despite I called him for some minutes he didn’t hear me…

I ran on 14 CW all the time and logged 30 qso.

DX worked (thanks guys!):
W2SE (thanks for your patience to complete our qso)

S2S worked (12, all of them in different summits, and on the back of my beam, hi):

Band condx were poor, deep QSB in most cases with EU and NA reported.

Close to the end of my activation I saw the spot of KE0FKE on 14.342 activating W9/WI-004. I qsy’ed there and could hear him very well, working some hams within USA. I called him a few times but he didn’t hear me… In the SSB section my antenna had SWR 2,5:1 and I didn’t have a tuner with me, therefore after a few unsuccesful calls I quit and got back to CW.

A pity I couldn’t work the two US stations I heard during my activation.

Weather was changind: the sky covered with dark clouds and I decided to end my activation at 14:40. Soon after having all the gear in my rucksack drops started falling and I walked back home safely.

Hope to have more luck next time, but I had a lot of fan with all S2S and chases within EU and the few US DX logged.

73 de Ignacio


Not having yet a remote antenna switch in my remote station, I had it configured with the multiband inverted vee folded dipole, which I can use for chasing on all bands without needing an antenna tuner, but after 2 chases on 40m SSB in the morning, I drove the 18Km to the village where my remote station is and once there I manually switched the antenna to my 5 elements tribander TH5-DX yagi (3 active elements on 20m) beamming North-West for the Trans-Atlantic S2S event in the hope of being able to chase some North-American activators. After the antenna got changed all was set and I returned to Pamplona. After lunch the fun started with several activators in EU and NA chased.
I was hoping for a final improvement of propagation conditions at sunset but I missed that when, about 25 minutes before that moment, some of my closeby neighbours in the remote station QTH switched some of those QRM maker devices ON and the band became full of noise, which was the sign for QRT and call it a day.
This is the full list of chases:

Thanks to all the activators and also to the organisers of this nice event.
I’d have liked being out activating myself but the planets and other things didn’t align properly for that. No problem because I equally enjoyed chasing.