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Trans-Atlantic S2S Event - 20th April 2019


Ok I will be on DM/SR-012 on 30m and 20m FT8. Can run 100W if I have to. Half-wave vert on 20m, inv L on 30. 10m mast. Do we call on 10.136 or 10.132?


wx forecast map for Saturday AM along east coast. W1/W2/W3/VE2 not looking good. I’ll be on the side lines for this one. No soak test for me.



10.132 for this event, but I guess people can jump to 10.136 if they need more contacts.


Me and Karl (OE6LKG) will be on the Reinischkogel on Saturday, where forecasts are exceptionally good. Here is the alert:


We will probably take Karl’s FT-817 and a small linear, so 20W output. Good luck everyone.

           73 de OE6FEG & OE6LKG


Roger roger. I changed my alert accordingly. Now I am heading to DM/RP-171 to check out that everything works. Last week I already tried /P but not on a summit. They got rare these days in my area… Also test my 3€ ublox neo 6 GPS receiver for the first time in the field.


They’re calling for 60mm rain in most of VE3 land over Friday & Saturday…especially in the part of the province that we can actually get to a summit in a few hours - most take days to drive to.

I’ll be sitting this one out.


I went to DM/RP-171, Röster Kopf - 708m, 6 Points near Trier today to check out my FT8 gear in preparation for tomorrow’s VK/ZL event. Setting up all that stuff so that everything works is not that easy in the field. I have synchronized my time on the laptop via NTP & internet before I left, but could not decode anything on the summit. I had my uBlox Neo 6 GPS with me and after I had a fix the time was even worse (maybe RF into the GPS module?). With the lastest version of BktTimeSync I was able to set the DT manually (-2,5 sek) and that worked in the end. I was running 20W on my FT-891. 20W FT8 drew 9.2 amperes. I worked 5 contacts on FT8:

Later I switched to SSB, where I worked 18 more contacts. SSB was sure quicker and easier.

Will use the same setup later during the event.
Here I where I`ve been heard 13:15 - 13:45 UTC from the summit:


I see Nick has alerted for TW-004, so that’s hopefully 3 TWs on the air Dave. Hope to catch you both amongst the DX!


Hello John,
Just in case, let me remind you that tomorrow’s will be the Trans-Atlantic S2S event.



Oh. Guru, I take what I get. :blush:


Hi Guru,
The transatlantic event is on Saturday - 20th April.

Tomorrow (19th) there’s a FT8 event I believe - I think from the timing that’s meant to be EU-VK/ZL.

73 Ed.


Oh damn, can a mod move my post above to “30m CW / FT8 DX S2S event - Good Friday 19th April 2019” please?


And I hoped you might be persuaded to come out to play on Saturday as well as Friday with the FT8 gear John. You know it needs a good soak test. :grinning:


Hey, I can not go out every day. :joy: Today I drove 200km for my 2 summits… Tomorrow one, Sunday another one (250km)…


Hi Ed,
Ok, my fault. Sorry, John and all if I confused any of you. When I wrote my post, in my mind, I was on Friday…
It’s a joy that it’s still thursday, as I’ll still have one more day off work :smile:



I think my weather forecast is much the same as Barry’s. I have been hoping for an improved outlook, but no. I also will have to sit out due to lousy weather.
:frowning:, Malcolm VE2DDZ


I will have to sit this one out too because of bad WX forecast for tomorrow

Ariel NY4G


Sounds like many NA participants who make it out may get a soak test :cloud_with_rain:

15:30 WA7JTM on W7A/PK-TBD 14.062-18.092-7.033-others-cw
multiple peaks?, looking 4 s2s, EU not likely in AZ, s+7 (Posted by WA7JTM)

Well I will still be looking for you Pete. Keep an ear open for me between your NA callers. :grinning:

73, Gerald G4OIG… will be operating as GW8CXK/P


Will do Gerald…I figure if I work anyone in EU it just might be you!

I did not mention 15 Meters in my alert, but that band is also one I will be checking for an opening.

Good Luck!