Caught the 07:57 from Macc to Picadilly, thence the 08:54 to Arnside. Trains on time and arrived at 10:03. Took circuitous coastal route and was rewarded with incoming rip-tide. Very impressive. Walk took in sandy beaches, rocky coves and clifftops - not your average SOTA approach. At Far Arnside I headed inland and up Arnside Knott. In bright sunshine I relaxed, making 7 contacts in an hour in rather poor radio conditions. Low aerial slung over tree. KX1 (3W). Decended into Arnside. Stopped at The Albion. Lancaster Bomber on tap. Sat in sun sipping pints and eating Lemon Sole goujons - yummy. Sauntered along to station to catch 14:55 train back. On time again. Relaxing.

Enabling technologies:

Sony Noise cancelling headphones
Trail Magazine.

Travel time 2hrs 6 minutes (car 1:46)
Cost L28.80 (16.2p/mile)
CO2 = 15.5kg (car 43.5kg)