Tour of the South of England February 2015

I’ve finished it at last, and this was my last unique English SOTA Activation:

This is a link to my blog of SOTA Completing my last 14 English Summits back in February. I hope future visitors to these places will find this of interest. . Links have been placed on summit pages and GPX tracks worth considering have been uploaded into the SOTA Mapping Project.

73 Phil


G4OBK Tour of G/SE and G/SC Feb 2015


Congratulations Phil on activating all the G SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY

An excellent read as always Phil. I note your comment about the summits in SE being the easiest in the UK, I have to agree whole heartedly. As I have said in previous threads when I lived in Scotland an activation would take all day. Now that I live in Hampshire I have to do 2-3 activations a day to make it worth getting out of bed!!

Look forward to working you again from another southern English pimple (your phrase I believe).

73 Glyn