Tornado Crash: Arrochar

As many people will be aware, an RAF Tornado F3 has crashed in the hills near Arrochar. Sadly both pilot and navigator were killed. Many of the roads in the are are currently closed and maybe for some time. There are very few roads anyway and there are now significant detours in place.

MoD policy is to remove the wrecks and as much debris as possible of all crashed aircraft rather than the leaving wreckage behind as in olden days. It’s likely that access to some of the vast number of Marilyns (Beinn Ime, The Cobbler, Ben Vorlich, Beinn Narnain, Ben Vain etc.) in that area maybe affected for some time aswell.

Anyone intending to the visit the area with the intention of walking would be well advised to check before travelling too far. Whilst access to Scottish land is exceptionally free compared to many places it’s not too unreasonable for the MoD to want to restrict access whilst wreckage is recovered and investigations are made. You may want to consider giving the area a wide berth for at least the next week.

Andy, MM0FMF
Scottish Association Manager.