Top Band activation on Pen Y Fan

I activated Pen Y Fan (GW/SW-001, 886m, 8 points) at the weekend and wanted to do something a little different, having previously activated the summit on 2m, 6m and 40m.

I decided to activate it on 80m and 160m. I don’t believe it had been activated on top band before, and for good reason; when is the weather good enough up there to put up something this big?

You can find the activation report here:

Thanks to all the chasers and the perseverance on top band!

73 James M(W)0JCQ


Well done James and your xyl too. 160m ain’t that easy so 7 QSOs is very good with QRP. Great sunset photos. Obviously a memorable experience.
73 John


Thanks John. It’s certainly not that easy on top band, so I was very happy! This is the first time I’ve used top band on a SOTA summit, and nice to do it on Pen Y Fan.

73 James M0JCQ

One of my Mountain Rescue mates was up there at the weekend, working for the race organisers providing medical cover… he said he did see you in the distance.

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Haha - That’s funny, there were a few around the cairn. It’s really hard to hide a 10m mast on top of Pen Y Fan!

73 James M0JCQ


Hi James,

Thanks for posting the report, it looks like you had a great time.

What time did your partner complete her marathon in? I’ve forwarded these details to my partner, as we may want to do this next year (well she will, I may see if I can do the half :wink: ).

73, Simon

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Hi Simon,

She finished in just over 6 hours, it’s certainly not one to set a PB due to the terrain! Absolutely no one was running up the final ascent to Pen Y Fan, and for good reason :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the event:

Last year she also did it, and I activated the summit on 6m, the WX was much better this year :sun_with_face:

73 James M0JCQ

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