Too hot on OE/ST-090

Hello all,

sorry for being only qrv for 20 minutes from Himmeleck OE/ST-090 today. Like in most parts of Europe we also have a heatwave right now with temperatures up to 40°.

The long hike was mostly in pure sun … and although the summit is 2100m ASL it was extremly hot! And there was no chance of finding any shade within the activation zone . So I had to keep my activation short for safety reasons! But I was lucky to make a contact with Gerhard @OE5PGM who is currently in Finland operating at OH73ELK. The complete hike was 16km and 1200m elevation gain …

73 Martin, OE5REO



The owners of OH73ELK were are Friedrichshafen and it looks like a great location to rent/operate from.


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I was at a lower altitude, ( 1337 meters, on I/LO-238) but today I had to abort the activation after 30 qso because of the oppressive heat. I had to work 10 minutes then go to the shadow of the big summit bell. The tablet restarted several times due to the heat, and the trekking poles on the grass could not be taken in hand!

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Hallo Martin,

Gratuliere zur Aktivierung! Habe mir schon gedacht, ob du dir das wirklich antust bei der Hitze :wink: !

73, Sylvia