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Loved the article in PW regards school and radio. I personally can’t wait for the qualification to be recognised as an NVQ or something that the kids can use to help with employment. I think it needs to given some sort of credence after the young ones have spent time training for it.

I hope all goes well for you and they all pass.

All the best

Brian 2E0OYG

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Golly, that’s a first for me, I had clean forgotten it was time to go and pick up my PW!

My good wishes for their success, too!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Tom,

Just read your article in PW, excellent.



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Yes well done Tom. I have not read PW. as i dont buy it. But i bet Tom & the children really enjoyed playing radio. Especially with Shirley’s old equipment donated to the school. Well done to all involved. Steve m0sgb

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Well Done Tom, both the big article on schools and the half page on the International SOTA Weekend made for good reading.

Promotion of both the hobby and SOTA is whats its all about!

I see that the school one is part one, so look forward to reading part 2 later in year.

Cheers Tom



In reply to M6ADL: Excellent article, Its settled one of my debates about club field days, 2nd&3rd of May it is :smiley:

Keep on Promoting

M0ZIF (formerly 2e0dmz, m3vqe)

Many thanks all for the nice comments. As it turned out, Rob and Tex were rather short on space in this issue, so several photos had to be “culled”. But you should see the kids using the radios and doing practical assessments in the Part 2 feature later this year.

As Steve SGB points out, the kit we use in the school shack was that of Shirley MW0YLS, now sadly silent key, but one of our greatest. She held both the Mountain Goat and the Shack Sloth trophies, as well as many personal achievements of note.

These included:
1st ever GW Mountain Goat
1st ever YL Mountain Goat
3rd ever Mountain Goat in the world
1st to activate every summit in the North Wales (GW/NW) region - 75 summits!

Shirley was also a regular on the SOTA stands at rallies and barbecues, and arrranged production runs of SOTA T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Like myself, Shirley was a secondary school teacher, and provided opportunities for her students to get involved in amateur radio. She is sadly missed, but it is fitting to remember her through this project.

73, Tom M1EYP