Tomorrow: Planned First Activation of HB/GR-042 Augstenberg (10 Points)

Dear all:
Tomorrow, I will try to activate HB/GR-042 Augstenberg (10 Points). The actual name of the highest point is Nördliche Augstenspitze.

I should be QRV by 12:00 UTC.
The activation will be CW-only, either on 7.031 or 7.002. If time permits, I will try 10.118 and 14.060 for a few minutes.
Time on the summit will be very limited.
Callsign will be HB9/DK3IT/P.

Please QRS 12 wpm, and please spot me.

Thanks in advance for chasing!

73 de Martin

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Hi, Martin!
I will listen to you on 30 and 20 m.
Hope to meet you on the air.

Dear all: I am back safe and sound and the activation was a success! Sorry to all chasers whom I could not work, I had to qrt after ca 20 min due to m waiting group members.
73 de Martin

Edit: I just uploaded an activation report at First Activation of HB/GR-042, Augstenberg/Piz Blaisch Lunga (3230m)

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